Volume Two and Volume Three

Volume Two: hand made book
Volume Three: hand made map of Berlin site, spinning top with pencil spindle, key, instructions

Graydon asked the art fabricator workshop Saygel & Schreiber to create an object based solely on the film’s texts – no further descriptions or guidance were given. The fabricators decided that the text itself was the object they were searching for and made a book: a unique, hand-produced hardcover book in nine different formats, from a stage play, to a song, a storyboard, a pop-up page, a transcription, and a series of optical illusion exercises. Rather than rendering the narration as a material thing, it materializes the infinity of creation that the text represents.

The second object took the form of a kind of decentered scavenger hunt
set up by the art fabricators, involving a map found in a train station locker,
a spinning top with a pencil for a spindle, and a traffic circle in north Berlin. Spinning the top across the surface of the map revealed three looping itiner- aries for exploratory walks across this banal but surprising site. And so we are led back around to the theme of the “lost walk”, connecting directly to the Grass House series and to the wandering narrated epiphanies that were the origin Graydon’s search: things come full circle, and are ever new, over and over again.
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