Performance Installation
Dimensions and durations variable
2013 - ongoing

Instrumental is a performance installation that uses recordings from a six-day period of sound improvisations to create an environment that is altered daily by the artist and collaborators.

In 2012 Pierre Gerard, Andy Graydon, and David Papapostolou shared a studio at Q-O2, the residency for experimental music and sound art in Brussels, where they engaged in an intensive period of joint listening, writing, and recording.

The recording process became a definitive element: a room recording was made of every moment of every session of the residency, resulting in an average of seven hours of recordings per day. Each morning, all of the previous days’ recordings were played back in synch with the beginning of the new session. At any point in time, the artists could turn up the sound of any, or all, of the previous days’ sounds on loudspeakers in the studio. This opened a window into the recent past, allowing the artists to both hear and play along with previous versions of themselves, while also adding it to the recording in process. The present moment became materially distributed between its anchoring in the past and projection into the future.

At the end of their collective work the artists found that what they were creating was not a performance, not a composition, not a record, but a kind of instrument. This instrument is part process, part material, and part spatial experiment. The subsequent exhibition at LEAP, Berlin was an opportunity to 'play' this instrument-installation, with performances by Mario Asef, and Gilles Aubry, who were invited to intervene or accompany the running installation as a performance event.

First presented at LEAP, Berlin, 2013
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