Original / Recordings

Sound work on two compact discs, mirror mounting
Dimensions: 5 3/4 x 11 inches
Installation dimensions variable

Original / Recordings is a sound work presented on two compact discs that appropriates another sound work by Liam Gillick, titled “An Idea Just Out of Reach: Original Recordings” (2009). Gillick’s original compact disc contains speeches given in Berlin on the occasion of his selection to represent Germany in the 2009 Venice Biennale; he explains to an audience what his work consists of, and gives anecdotal stories about his life and work.

Graydon performs a simple operation on these original recordings: in the work’s first CD, all of Gillick’s language is left intact except that all nouns have been removed and replaced by silence. The words of all definite objects and proper names appear on the second CD, with passages of silence punctuating the spoken list of things, movements and people. If the two CD’s were played together in synch, Gillick’s original speech would be woven back together again, made whole.

Produced by LMAKprojects, and available directly from the gallery

Audio excerpt: disc 1, track 4

Audio excerpt: disc 2, track 4
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