Video-projected light installation
Dimensions variable
Ongoing (initiated 2007)

Scaffold is a series of works for video projection consisting of thin lines of white light that trace contours of the interior architecture of the exhibition space. Individual lines are animated slowly over the room’s surface, extending its dimensions and creating alternative geometries of the space.

Scaffold seeks to release the dynamism and narrative impulses inherent in all constructed environments. While the axes of light might appear to underscore the transcendent metrics of the space, Scaffold is equally involved in destabilizing such notions. The work’s subtle motion and Trompe-l'œil mix of two- and three-dimensionality suggest that architecture is never a pure and reasoned space, but rather a transformational, intuitive, and time-inflected engagement with place.

First presentated at LMAKprojects, New York

Video documentation
exhibition: "A Fold in the Fabric"
LMAKprojects, New York
exhibition: "Room Works"
Portland Art Center, Oregon
exhibition: "Displacement"
Center for Performance Research, NY
Built with Indexhibit