Still, Revenant, Bootleg, The Intentional Object, Space Release no.3, or Untitled

Sound installation (4-channel sound and recording process)
Dimensions variable

Andy Graydon’s sound piece makes reference to American composer Alvin Lucier’s famous sound work “I am sitting in a room” from 1969. Lucier recorded and played a text over and over in his studio until the recording of the recording eventually dissolved into a reverberating tone created by the room’s own acoustics. The composer’s voice was erased, swallowed by the voice of the room itself. Graydon’s work tells a different but related story: that of sitting in a room of an art exhibition, with the ghostly voices of previ- ous exhibition rooms slowly immersing the present place and time.

For Cantastoria four speakers transmit the complete recording from an entire gallery exhibition in Berlin, Germany in January 2012 where this work originat- ed. This recording includes many common elements of an exhibition’s life cy- cle, including an opening party, long weeks of near-silence, the click of a slide projector, occasional chatter, and the inevitable closing. Rarely does a viewer experience an exhibition more than once over its duration, and never is that full duration understood or appreciated as a measure of time or existence. The Berlin exhibition’s sound creates a sonic architecture in which that absent room and duration are constantly interpenetrated with our present space and time in Salt Lake City. And this process continues: the entire duration of the exhibition you are currently in is being recorded in 4-channel surround sound as well, creating a new (and very long) soundtrack which will include traces of the Berlin exhibition, and which in turn becomes the form of the work for future exhibitions. In this way what began as an entirely silent work will in time become an enveloping mass of sound, as the quiet ambiences of various international exhibition spaces accumulate and filter each other ad infinitum.

(by Aaron Moulton, Senior Curator, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, Utah)

First presented in “Space Release no.3”, Stedefreund, Berlin, New York, 2010
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