The Findings (Dale)

Super 8 film transferred to HD video, 16 min.

"Fairies. Gorgons, dryads, nymphs, goblins... A Minotaur maybe? Elves, imps, changelings? Nøkken. A wraith? Revenants, wights, ghouls, spectres? Pixies. Gnomes. Menehunes. Extraterrestrials. Alien hunters, government agents, counter-intelligence forces. Seers, warlocks, Satanists, Dionysians. Drunks, anarchists. Werewolves?..."

"The Findings" follows our narrator on a walk into the woods to revisit an incredible place that he can no longer find. The more he tries to describe the thing to us, the less clear anything about it is: his descriptions change with each attempt until it is unclear whether what he found ever existed. And yet it creates an object in the mind, and it this new ‘lost thing’ that is suspended between narrator and viewer. The Findings grapples with the mutual transformations of thought and material that constitute the world, often through the creative work of forgetting, obfuscating, falsifying, or simply wandering away.

First exhibited at the Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, 2013

Exhibition review in the German newspaper TAZ

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