To Scale (10,000 things for Mark Tobey)

7-channel sound installation
Public Art Work for the City of Seattle

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"To Scale (10,000 things for Mark Tobey)" is a new large scale sound installation created by Pete Bjordahl (founder of Seattle's Parallel Public Works) and the Berlin-based artist Andy Graydon with funding and support from the Metropolitan Improvement District and Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture. This public art work uses voices and tones that flow up and down the stairway of the busy Pike Place Market Hill Climb. The Hill Climb links Seattle's iconic waterfront with the Pike Place Market and is located between Alaskan Way and Western Ave directly across from the Seattle Aquarium. To Scale will be installed for 1 year and can be viewed by the public at any time.

"To Scale" takes its inspiration from Seattle artist Mark Tobey's "white writing" paintings that Graydon and Bjordahl viewed at Seattle Art Museum’s recent exhibition, "Modernism in the Pacific Northwest: The Mystic and the Mythical." Tobey began his career painting the teeming aspects of the material world, and slowly moved to a gestural language of white marks that were the traces of those objects. "He was a keen observer", says Graydon of Tobey, "so keen that he began to see the sense with which an object engages the world far beyond its physical boundaries. And that is one thing we want listeners to feel with our work, a sense of their city as an active force that emanates from the basic things surrounding them, using sound a medium and a utility."
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