Touch, Peal, Extent

Sound installation, dimensions variable

Originally created for Dale’s Telemegaphone, a public address system for sound art projects, Touch, Peal, Extent creates a beacon for the marking and modulation of time through sound. An evolving pattern of simple clicks echoes across the landscape, beginning with the basic rhythm of time: one beat per second.

Like the ticking of a clock or the click track that leads musicians in a record- ing session, this sound has almost no content except to mark duration, and exists more in the interval between sound events than in the sounding itself.

These clicks are not electronic but rather formed by the artist’s mouth. It is a very private sound, often made when thinking or passing time. Not inciden- tally it is also the form of sound associated most closely with echolocation in animals. There are cases of blind people using mouth-clicks to navigate their surroundings, listening to the sonic reflections from walls and objects. In this way the piece attempts a simultaneous sculpting of duration, spatial volume, and affective state using sound.
Andy Graydon was a resident at the NKD Artists Center in 2010.

First presented at the nkd Nordic Artists Center, Dale, Norway

audio excerpt
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