Installation incorporating sound, video,
photography and sculpture
Dimensions variable

Untitled (Ground) is a series of works incorporating photography, soundand installation that continues Graydon’s exploration of media in relation to the phenomenal, architectural, and social constructions that make up our composite notion of place. The latest in his series of “science-fiction ecologies”, this work originates in the artist’s birthplace on the islands of Hawaii. The islands constitute the “ground” of the show’s title, with sound and image recordings forming a kind of informal field study of a place that is at once exotic and yet intimately familiar to the artist, where personal memories, associations and resonances are embedded in each location. However Graydon is not interested in documenting the site so much as entering into it as an imaginable field of forces, a place that is in both literal and figurative transformation.

If this is a ground of being or experience, it is shown to be unstable, malleable, and creative – a field that generates multiple meanings without being reducible to any one itself. From within this field, Graydon draws attention to the various flows, projections, and markings that are communicated between the environment and himself as its subject.

First presented at LMAKprojects, New York, 2008.

Video documentation
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