(plate tectonics)

Installation and performance for multi-channel sound and acetate phonograph records
Ongoing (initiated 2009)

View Video Documentation of the Installation at Cornerhouse, UK, 2015

After obtaining the ambient sounds of eleven “natural” art locations in New York – museums, fairs, galleries – Graydon cut the recordings onto unique acetate phonograph records, dubplates, that allow visitors to reshape PROGRAM’s gallery space with sound. Environment is used as a material. Replaying the sounds of these New York institutions as they intermix with the ambient sounds of PROGRAM, space is at once extended and collapsed. Dubplates, for the music industry, are used in mastering studios before the final master. They are meant for temporary use, they deteriorate over time. The sounds recorded on their surface begin to dissolve after about fifty plays.

-Carson Chan

First presentation at PROGRAM Initiative for Art and Architecture Collaborations, Berlin, 2009

PROGRAM press release and sound excerpts

Video documentation
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