Accompanying Vostok, Faretheewell is a series of letterpress prints drawn from the research sources in architecture and music composition Graydon used in making the film. The works focus on the shifting nature of the plan, the projection and the model as they slide between future and past.

The first series consists of diptych prints on paper-thin blue styrofoam, of the type used as insulation in builiding construction and is also used in the fabrication of architectural models.
Constellation Vostok
Letterpress prints on styrofoam and paper

A second series is printed directly on the backs of East German commemorative envelopes, most celebrating the accomplishments of the GDR. The dinosaur motif that recurs through these series is taken from one such envelope: it was the insignia for the Berlin Musuem of Natural History during the GDR. Graydon employs it here as a symbol of the city-as- museum; the city as a site that is always living with its dead, in deep sedimentary layers of history, force, and material.

A third series, “Stadtpartitur” (City-Score), is a standing arrangement of paper folios printed with details from historical Berlin city maps, musical scores, GDR insignias for ship-builders unions and other architectural motifs.