The image of the city in cinematic space
    Programm #4, Freitag 19. Juni, ab 18:00h
    Andy Graydon: Vostok, Faretheewell
    Shingo Yoshida: Error
Curated by Olaf Stüber and Jaro Straub
SCHARAUN – Interdisciplinary Project Space for Art and Architecture, Berlin
Online screening with installation to follow in the fall

Interview: Andy Graydon
by Helene Romakin

Non-Event at Home
livestream a/v performance
5/1/2020, 8pm
Youtube archive

CEC Artslink residency
St. Petersburg, Russia
February, 2020

new ebook and sound release mAtter label, Tokyo
benefit for United Way of NYC
Covid-19 community fund
available on Bandcamp

Volumes in Translation
new release
available on Bandcamp