Instrumental is a performance installation using recordings from an intensive six-day series of improvisations, remapping them across the exhibition space to create a sound environment that is altered daily by the artists.

From March 5th to March 10th, 2012 Pierre Gerard, Andy Graydon, and David Papapostolou shared a studio at Q-O2, the residency program for experimental contemporary music and sound art in Brussels. For the installation in Berlin, a separate pair of loudspeakers replays one entire day of recordings from the residency sessions. All six days are run in synch, so that each morning session and each evening session begin at the same time, overlapping from distinct positions around the room.

Graydon arrives every day to listen to the unfolding of the recorded sounds in space. He then moves  the mobile speaker elements into a new configuration, based on his reaction to the room. This new setting will remain in place for the remainder of the day. Gerard and Papapostolou have written texts that will be left in the space in the form of small notes to guide Graydon’s work. On the evening of the fifth day, coinciding with the original public performance at Q-O2, a public performance will be given in which Berlin-based sound artists Mario Asef and Gilles Aubry improvise along with the ongoing sound work.


multi-channel sound installation and performance