Schnitzeljagd is a series of photographs taken on the artist’s hunt to retrieve the results of an art fabrication process that was part of the film and installation work The Findings. Graydon hired a fabricator in Berlin to create a work based on a short piece of text from the film, a description of a mysterious object. Their response was to create a “Schnitzeljagd” (scavenger hunt) leading to a box hidden in a locker somewhere in Berlin, which contained a map, and a spinning top that drew a line for walking on the map. Graydon found the site marked by the map and took the walks that the top drew as it spun. The photographs document of twisting terrains of the entire search.

The Findings (Schnitzeljagd)

series of photographic prints

A selection of the Schnitzeljagd series was published in The Hoosac Institute Journal, edited by Jenny Perlin