Untitled (Inflections) is a photographic series developed during field work for the installation Untitled (Ground). Graydon explored various sites of disturbed ground on the island of Maui, whether from building development, storm damage, vandalism or cultivation. He brought a video projector into the field and cast a single line of white light over the terrain to cut across the disturbances there. That line then became the guiding axis for capturing a photographic image of the site: a simple game resulted in which the image could only be captured from the perspective that held the line straight, that captured an image of the land according to the projected mark’s indexical orientation. 

Images are presented as c-prints, in light boxes, and as 35mm slide projections. When projected in installations, the slide projections are oriented such that the white projection lines trace the corners of the white walls of the gallery, folding the image between walls, or between floor, wall and ceiling.

Untitled (Inflections)
series of chromogenic prints, light box photographs and 35mm slide transparencies