For this continuation of The Findings project, Graydon asked the art fabricator workshop Saygel & Schreiber to create an object based solely on the voice narration of The Findings. No further descriptions or guidance were given.

The second commissioned object took the form of a scavenger hunt set up by the art fabricators, involving a map found in a train station locker, a spinning top with a pencil for a spindle, and a traffic circle in north Berlin. Spinning the top across the surface of the map revealed three looping itineraries for exploratory walks across this banal but surprising site. In performing the itineraries defined by these objects, Graydon was led back around to the theme of the “lost walk”, connecting directly to the Grass House series of photographs and to the wandering narrated epiphanies that were the origin of Graydon’s search.

The Findings (volume three)

fabricated sculptural objects

installation views: The Findings, LMAK Projects, New York