The Findings is a Super-8 film that follows its narrator on a walk into the woods to revisit an incredible place that he can no longer find and rediscover a thing he can’t quite find the words to articulate. The more he tries to describe the original experience, the less clear it is; his descriptions change with each attempt until it is uncertain whether what he is describing ever existed. And yet, he creates an object in the mind, a new “lost thing” that is suspended between narrator and viewer. The narrator’s original dérive is now in step with the viewer’s as revelations of thought, memory, and materiality—those elements that constitute our experience of the world—are redirected through creative acts of forgetting, obfuscating, and simply allowing the mind to wander.

The Findings is further elaborated in a site-responsive sound installation; and a mixed-media installation of works including photography, sculptural objects, sound, monoprints, and artist’s books.

The Findings

Super 8 film transferred to HD video

installation views: Frye Museum of Art, Seattle

video preview

The Findings from Andy Graydon on Vimeo.